Started since 2022 Oct.

FRUITZBOI is a joint venture with UKIYOE FRUITS founded by two guys, TZ and Ryu!

TZ is a fruit enthusiast staying in Singapore and there is Ryu, who is a happy Japanese and a food aficionado who finds and build relationships with the Japanese farmers to source for wonderful fruits.

We visit and source directly from over 50 Japanese farms, and at the same time, learn from these professional farmers what is delicious and where their efforts are being focused to grow premium produces. We pick the best farms that produces the fruits and sell them at their best season and at the most affordable price.

Together, TZ and Ryu aim to constantly introduce delicious fruits and flavours from Japan to Singapore!

  • Sourcing community after visiting 50+ farmers.

    Directly sourcing from farms allows us to understand how the fruits are cultivated and grown. This helps ensure the fruits are fresh and of the highest quality with minimal use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

  • Trusted by professional pastry chefs.

    We are supplying quality fruits that are used by professional Japanese patissiers in Japan. You can enjoy the same quality in Singapore as the ones used in cakes and parfaits.

  • Loved by Singapore and Japan!

    Our fruits are well-received by customers in both Japan and Singapore, especially among affluent individuals and fruit enthusiasts who have expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for our products.

Our store is finally online after 6 months of beta testing!

We have been shipping fruits from Japan to Singapore for the past six months and have developed and fine-tuned methods to ship and deliver delicate fruits while ensuring freshness. Even though we have received positive feedback from our customers, we will continue to work hard to improve and import delicious fruits to our customers!

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