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Aged Shiranui Orange

Aged Shiranui Orange

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"Shiranui" or dekopon, is distinctive due to its large size and the protruding bump on the top of the fruit. The fruit is popular for its intense sweetness and balanced acidity. Dekopons are usually left to ripen further for over a month after being harvested but these aged dekopons are only harvested after ripening fully on the tree, making the flavour and aroma more intense.

FARM FACT: Aged Shiranui, can only be sourced from Marumatsu Farm. After 1 year of on-tree ripening, the farm "age" the orange in their cellar. The farm puts a lot of effort into preventing tree decline and keeping pests away with minimum pesticides while achieving the perfect ripeness and flavor. When you take a bite, the sweetness spreads in your mouth, followed by the mild acidity. The flavor intensifies as you chew, and the aroma lingers in your nose. The clusters are also larger than average, providing a satisfying crunch.

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