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Fukiage Konatsu Orange (Hyuga Summer )

Fukiage Konatsu Orange (Hyuga Summer )

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Also known as Hyuga Summer, this summer orange is seedless, juicy and fragrant. It has a refreshing scent and good balance of sweetness and acidity.
This variety is considered to be a spontaneous mutation of the yuzu, and it ripens slowly on the tree for one year after flowering. The fruit gets sweet enough after the cold winter, and reaches their peak ripeness during summer. The farm also focus on cultivating oranges that are naturally sweet and delicious by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers as much as possible, controlling the natural soil environment by using earthworms and microorganisms, and using liquid fertilizers that they have developed by blending bonito flakes, natto bacteria, and other ingredients.

FARM FACT: Kurokawa Farm is a 3rd generation farm located in Fukiage Town, Kagoshima Prefecture, in the south of Kyushu. They grow oranges using the rich natural soil and mineral-rich wind from the sea.

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