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White + Red Strawberry Combo (Milkyberry & Tochi Aika)

White + Red Strawberry Combo (Milkyberry & Tochi Aika)

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Combination pack of Tochi Aika and Milky Berry.
In Japan, red and white color set is used for celebration, and considered to give you a good luck.
Best for gifting to your loved ones.

Rossa Berry, located on the outskirts of Utsunomiya City, is a strawberry specialty farmer. Mr. Kiyoshi , who loves strawberries, started the farm in 2007 after quit his employed job. In addition to being a farm, it also has a tourist farm and a café. That's why he strives to reduce pesticide for strawberries so that even kids can safely enjoy his strawberry.

This item contains 1 pack of red strawberry and 1 pack of white strawberry each.

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