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Strawberry bundle - Premium White and Red Strawberries

Strawberry bundle - Premium White and Red Strawberries

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White Strawberry: Milkyberries are white strawberries with a tinge of milky taste. This is a rare variant which you can hardly find them in supermarkets. As the name suggests, the fruit is as white as milk. The creamy texture and sweetness makes Milkyberry special.

Red Strawberry: "Tochi-Aika" is a new variant invented in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. This variant has lower acidity level and hence taste sweeter as compared to other variant. They have slightly crunchier texture, is rich in flavor and very juicy. 


FARM FACT: The farm is located in the Tochigi Prefecture, widely known as the Strawberry
Kingdom of Japan. The farmer uses reduced hydrogen water to enhance photosynthesis and to enrich the nutrition of the fruits. No chemical pesticide is used to grow the strawberries.

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